Our vision

We believe graduate recruitment should be a breeze, not a struggle

There are 2.3 million students in the UK today spread across 130 universities. Every year, more than £100 million is spent on marketing careers to students and graduates through job boards, social media, on campus and via a host of other activities. Yet, entry level teams struggle with brand awareness, hard-to-fill roles, diversity and stretched team resources. 






in the UK


million per year


Why we built our graduate recruitment platform

Debut is a completely free app for students to showcase their skills and background in an engaging and fun way to employers, bringing them opportunities they may never have considered or come across organically.

For graduate employers, Debut provides unprecedented targeting and access to a wide and receptive talent pool, alongside real-time engagement across all universities in the UK.

Michele Trusolino

Michele Trusolino

Founder and CEO

Michele Trusolino is an Italian-born entrepreneur and risk-taker who has channelled his business background and front-line international experience in finance into helping start-ups to flourish and succeed.

Michele started his career with Goldman Sachs in 2004 in London and 4 years later moved to their New York offices as a trading strategist, not realising he was about to found himself at the epicentre of one of the largest financial crisis in history.

Building on this unique experience, Michele decided to leave the big corporations behind and apply his knowledge to start-ups, initially within the same sector. Michele was in fact part of the founding team of credit asset manager Hayfin, which he helped grow to become a household name in direct lending in Europe, with over €7bn of assets under management.

Building the Debut platform over the past 5 years has taken Michele through the roles of COO through to CEO in 2019.   He now leads the team and champions access to early careers for all. 

Empower your graduate recruitment with big data and unique market insights

Work with our experienced client success team to execute targeted attraction campaigns and find your ideal candidates.

Expand your reach and activate passive candidates that never would have come across or considered your opportunity organically.

Use our powerful targeting criteria and experience a five times better engagement rate than traditional attraction methods.